The Do's and Don'ts of Internet Marketing

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The Do's and Don'ts of Internet Marketing

Embracing the Dynamics of Online Visibility

Let me tell you a little something about myself, I'm Lila and I exist in two realms - in reality and in virtual reality. In this digital age, I've been pulled into the sphere of Internet Marketing like a moth to a flame. It's incredible how something that started as a mere curiosity turned into a flourishing career. I'm now a passionate KOL (Key Opinion Leader) who's added value to countless online businesses and I couldn’t have imagined a more fulfilling journey.

Those who are familiar with Internet Marketing know that it is not a walk in the park. Just like any other field, you don't just wake up one day and become an expert. It involves a lot of learning, relearning, and unlearning. It requires endless hours of practice and honing of skills. It is a field in constant evolution, always keeping you on your toes.

Email Marketing: The Godfather of Online Advertising

Did you know that the first promotional email was sent in 1978 by Gary Thuerk? He sent out an email promoting DEC machines to 400 users! Yes, you got that right; the genesis of email marketing dates back to when bell-bottoms ruled the fashion world. Even after 45 years, it continues to be one of the most effective online marketing strategies– talk about standing the test of time!

I remember the first time I took advantage of e-mail marketing. I was trying to promote my friend's art and thought e-mail marketing could be a real game-changer. Long story short, I was right! Within a week we saw a significant increase in inquiries. E-mails, like a good cup of espresso, can indeed kick-start your business effectively!

But here's what you need to remember: NEVER randomly spam people with promotional content. Nobody appreciates being ambushed with unsolicited emails. It’s like receiving an unexpected, unwanted guest at your doorstep – mostly annoying, rarely welcome. Make sure you ask for people's consent before adding them to your email list. Trust me, explicit permission is every marketer's best friend; it's always better to have a hundred genuinely interested subscribers than a thousand disinterested ones.

Social Media Marketing: Riding the Rising Wave

Thuerk might be the father of e-mail marketing, but hey meet the unruly teenager - Social Media Marketing! I remember my first dive into the ocean of Social Media Marketing like it was yesterday. I was terrified, to say the least. But let me tell you, this world is intimidating only until you decide to ride the wave.

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or the latest sensation TikTok, they all offer a plethora of opportunities for reaching out to your target audience. But don’t dive in blind! Always have a well-defined, strategies plan of action. And most importantly, make sure your content is engaging and reflects your brand's personality because, let’s face it – nobody is interested in mundane content.

Also, it's important not to turn all your posts into sales pitches. Imagine having a persistent salesperson knocking on your door daily. Not a pretty sight, is it? Treat your audience like a friend and not prospects. Engagement is key. The more your audience likes, comments or shares your posts, the better your reach. But remember, it’s a two-way street, also interact with your audience's posts. Show genuine interest, not just self-promotion. Enjoy the journey of building meaningful relationships.

SEO: The Secret Sauce

You've probably encountered the word 'SEO' more times than you've wanted. Well, there's a reason it's plastered everywhere. It's the magic eight ball of internet marketing. It's like fishing, you only catch something when you throw your net into the sea where the fishes are, not where you like!

The idea is to make your content visible to people searching for the services or products you offer. For starters, you need to identify keywords- these are phrases people usually search for. Incorporate these in your content appropriately- but beware of the trap of keyword stuffing! Your content should still make sense, it’s not a puzzle game where people are guessing what you’re trying to say amidst the jumble of keywords.

I remember spending my first few months as a blogger devouring content about SEO, it seemed like such an enigma. But once I got a hang of it, there was no turning back. Understanding SEO is like finding the keys to the kingdom, it unlocks endless opportunities to improve your visibility and reach.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Strategize, Don't Gamble

Often marketers end up seeing PPC like a slot machine game – throw in some money and hope for a win. That's a risky game to play! But when done right, PPC can be an effective tool to strategically drive quality traffic to your site. I remember my early encounters with PPC- let's say they were not exactly "profitable". But once I grasped the ropes, my perspective changed, and returns started pouring in.

The trick is to focus on metrics that matter, like click-through rates (CTR), Quality Score, Conversion Rate, etc. Always remember: higher the quality score, lower the cost per click. So, invest your time in improving your ad quality, hone your keywords, and polish your landing pages. Measuring, learning, and tuning are the buzzwords when you're walking on the path of PPC. It's like a dance, one misstep can lead to a fall, but remain in rhythm, and you'll be the belle of the ball!

Just a final note here: Don't get discouraged if you stumble in the beginning. Failure is nothing but a teacher in disguise. Remember, in Internet Marketing, there are no quick wins; patience is your best friend, consistency your ally, and knowledge your strongest weapon. So, say yes to learning, no to spamming, remember to respect your audience, and most importantly, always stay flexible and receptive to change. Embrace the successes, learn from the failures, and enjoy the rollercoaster that is Internet Marketing!

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